Sunday, January 14, 2018

BAYWATCH ~ b-AYWA-tch ~ AYWA ~ AWA = GoddessWatch

Years ago, my nephew used to watch Baywatch when it was a series on TV. He called it, Babe Watch. It's no stretch to call it, Goddess Watch, as the movie poster declares in the way of Occult signaling.

As we've demonstrated previously with many examples, this ancient image of the goddess worshiped as Inanna or Ishtar forms the basis for her secretive identification as AWA. This image shows why she is also identified with the bee, owl, and lions, and with the bent elbow pose that suggests the form of the letter W.

Every one of the characters has at least one elbow bent in ways that look very intentional.

Venus/Aphrodite is also known as Stella Maris (star of the sea), and she is famously pictured on the beach.

The man seated wears two Olympic medals around his neck. This presents the W that models the bent elbow pose

The movie poster highlights the spelling of AYWA embedded in the title. The XO imagery that is believed to establish the celestial throne of the goddess is also presented by the pair of medals with the crossing ribbons and the medals as circles.

Precious metals are associated with the goddess, and the Olympic medals are metal. Olympic medals always feature the goddess Nike, and sometimes she also appears on the back. She is evoked in every award ceremony.

Once you catch on to the secret symbols it becomes apparent that the world secretly loves and exalts the goddess. The god of this age takes many forms, and receives worship in all of them. This is an age of idolatry, yet, the one true God has a people who do not worship and exalt the false gods.

Tsarizm - branding with love for the goddess

The XO Cross Circle symbol that is believed to establish the celestial throne of the goddess is embraced by as their brand identity. The T is the form called a Tau cross. Their symbol is red, the goddess color, which is fitting.

It is a secretive way of honoring Mother Russia, to be sure, according to the way of those who evoke the ancient in any form in a seeking of her favor, as the one who gets them whatever they want.